Welcome to the Autumn edition of the Grow. Protect. Enjoy. newsletter.

Welcome to our first edition of Grow. Protect. Enjoy. for 2016. Autumn has arrived and with it we hope come more stable temperatures.

In this edition, we’ve covered some diverse subjects. With the federal government’s focus on innovation, you might be inspired to try a career change this year. Many senior Australians are making that change a new business. We have provided some tips for the step to becoming a ‘senior entrepreneur’.

Read about how assets are treated differently when planning your estate; why it’s important to protect the Homemaker with relevant insurance; and a short reminder about wealth creation seminars and the importance of dealing only with licensed advisers.

We hope you enjoy reading this edition and don’t forget to pass it on to your family and friends.


Frances Hesse

Do you have makings of a ‘senior entrepreneur’?

The latest buzzword is “innovation”, but you don’t have to be young to be innovative - ask any ‘senior entrepreneur’!

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The tale of two brothers

Estate planning is about more than just writing a will. Asset ownership during your lifetime and after your death is dependent upon the type of asset, whose names the asset is in prior to death, and the governing documents for each asset.

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Protection during parenthood

For many people, one of the most important roles in life is parenthood, but as an “unpaid” occupation, can a full-time Mum or Dad insure against the costs of not being able to fulfil their role if they become sick or injured?

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Take care with your wealth creation

Let’s be honest, most of us would prefer to win a million dollars than earn it. That’s why the racetracks, lotteries and casinos are so popular. Sadly, few people make a million dollars that way, and if they do, many rarely hold onto it for long.

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