Welcome to the Spring edition of the Grow. Protect. Enjoy. newsletter.

Spring, what a wonderful time of the year when we get to thaw out from the chilly Winter months and to welcome in the new season. Here is your next edition of the Grow. Protect. Enjoy. newsletter to keep you updated.

In this edition, we’ve started with the important subject of making sure you have collated all of the important life records and documentation for when they might be needed; then we explain the concept of “sequencing risk” when it comes to investing, in particular close to retirement.

On an entirely different subject but one that can affect your savings and investments – what should you do if a friend or family member asks you for a loan? The article provides some guidance on how you might respond and arrangements to put in place if you agree.

There are details on where to find the Federal Government’s aged care fee estimator; and we end on a much lighter note – the joys (and health benefits) of volunteering.

We hope you enjoy reading this edition and don’t forget to share it with family and friends.

Preparing for tomorrow

Imagine you were no longer able to look after your financial affairs, or, less dramatically, simply found it an increasing burden to manage your money. How easy would it be for a trusted family member to step in and help you?

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Sequencing risk: the order of things

As financial advisers, we talk a lot about risk, so what is sequencing risk? Let’s begin with an example…

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Lending money to friends or family – should you do it?

What would you do if a family member asked to borrow money – besides the less painful option of beating yourself over the head with a fence paling? You want to help, but you’re right to be wary.

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Aged care services fee estimator

Did you know that the Australian Government has an aged care services fee estimator on its aged care website?

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Volunteering makes you healthier and happier!

You might be surprised to know that more than 6 million Australians formally volunteer their time to not-for-profit organisations! This is a staggering yet wonderful statistic..

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